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Turkey: Old, New, Eternal (ONE)

A land, Unique and unmatched,
One that nurtured 7 different civilizations,
Quite unlike those to its East or West,
North or South;
But with traces of its culture and people in each;

A land inhabited by millions for tens of thousands of years,
Where the seas meet the skies,
Where the sun has risen and set hundreds of thousands of times,
Our one, our only, our beloved Turkey.

Holding tight to our shared values that bind us – our cultural heritage and our historical and natural riches and branding Turkey on international platforms, by setting an example with our cultural, social and economic and going one step further!

Telling one and all that ours is a pluralist, democratic, multicultural, hospitable, young and dynamic country with a rich history spanning millennia and millions of square miles.

Therefore, a deeper understanding and better expression of our unparalleled world heritage